Welcome to HowMuchAbroad.com

We are travelling more and to more exotic places. However, the more unknown are the countries or cities where we travel, the more problems we have to adapt ourselves to them.

At the same time, more and more people have to work abroad and, not knowing the cost of living in that country, they have trouble negotiating a proper salary.

With this page we try to letting know travelers and residents in different countries of the world what is the cost of living and how expensive are prices in different cities and allow other people to provide useful information on the city they live or work.

We have chosen a number of representative products and collect their prices, making it easy to compare the cost of living and price indexes.

This site is intended to help all of you travelling abroad to choose your destinations for work, holiday or studies in a better way and know what can cost you the stay or if the allowance you will receive is proper enough for the city you will live in.

We would like to ask you, too, to expand the number of cities and countries for which we have data filling an easy form. It will help many other travelers.

Thank you very much for your contribution. We hope this site can help you.